Recipe #41 – Pea & prawn risotto


Recipe #41 - Pea & prawn risotto

Ok, despite the gaudy looking pic this meal was delicious. We are still without a kitchen and so I took my utensils over to our friends, Alan and Nicole Cameron and prepared a meal for them, sadly leaving my camera at home and reduced to snapping it with my camera phone.

As with all risottos you can’t rush them, and while easy to prepare, you just have to wait out the cooking time, slowly adding in more stock/water until the rice is oozy.

Jamie includes a great risotto video in the application with some great tips/pointers on cooking them, which has been a great help.

I’m not sure I’d have put peas and prawns together, while the alliteration might be playful, the taste is really what I’m concerned with and it comes up trumps there, unanimously enjoyed by all.

After dinner Nicole dished up a great desert of meringues and ice cream, topped with a berry coulis I had a hand in making, deliciously simple to prepare, and even more so to enjoy.

A fine evening out with friends, who enjoyed the food as much as we enjoyed their company. Our little man also took it upon himself to ‘show off’ and rolled over from his belly to back for the first time, much to our excitement, now I wonder how long it will take for him to start cooking…

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“Recipe #41 – Pea & prawn risotto”

  1. Avatar November 2nd, 2010 at 2:57 PM Alan Says:

    We had a great time, Matt. You’re welcome to come and cook anytime :P

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