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Going… going… gone


Old kitchen cupboards.

As shared I’m getting a new kitchen, which I’m incredibly excited about, what I’m not so excited about is dealing with the aftermath of demolition. That said the crew responsible, under the guidance of Jack Atmore, have been fantastic. Read the rest of this entry »

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‘Add to Taste’ Guest Blog Recipe – Thai Green Chicken Curry


Thai Green Chicken Curry

LadyRaven, a fellow foodie blogger invited me to contribute a recipe to her ‘Add to Taste’ blog. It was with some fear and trepidation I took up the challenge, having never written one before. The results and instructions can be seen here: Thai Green Chicken Curry.

Let’s start at the beginning shall we…


The Allison's

If you are reading this I’ve successfully launched this BLOG and the worlds super computers didn’t explode while doing so (check one for certain death avoided!).

The WHAT is pretty clear (just read the sidebar), the WHY to most might be obtuse.

I’m a Husband and recently became a first time Father and it took my sons arrival to give me a much needed ‘wake up’ call.

I used to clock in 12-16 hours days for WEEKS on end in my role as producer/engineer (it sounds glamorous, it really isn’t), but I didn’t realize how much time it consumed. Read the rest of this entry »