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So Long, Farewell!


Thank you for your support over the year long journey that was I’m no Jamie Oliver, your encouragement has been overwhelming and I’m proud to say I exceeded my own expectations in completing my culinary challenge and have much to thank Jamie and you for, but I’m ready to step out into my own shoes.

This website will remain active as a resource to Jamie’s iPhone apps, but I’ll no longer be blogging from it.


Matt Allison

Roses are red, Violets are edible…


Ok, along with my self imposed cooking challenge I’ve upped the ante by giving myself a few other milestones I’d like to achieve in the same time frame, one of which is a salad and herb garden.

I’ve wanted one for a while and actually bought myself a book months ago by the incredibly talented Jane Griffiths, called “Jane’s Delicious Garden”, filled with everything you need to know about starting one with the most comprehensive information on there cultivation, set in a South African context (great for me, since it is where I reside, if I was in Greenland, it probably wouldn’t be all that helpful…).

I decided to build a raised bed, the benefits of which are numerous, though key ones include having control over suitable drainage and soil quality, 2 MUSTS. Read the rest of this entry »

Let’s start at the beginning shall we…


The Allison's

If you are reading this I’ve successfully launched this BLOG and the worlds super computers didn’t explode while doing so (check one for certain death avoided!).

The WHAT is pretty clear (just read the sidebar), the WHY to most might be obtuse.

I’m a Husband and recently became a first time Father and it took my sons arrival to give me a much needed ‘wake up’ call.

I used to clock in 12-16 hours days for WEEKS on end in my role as producer/engineer (it sounds glamorous, it really isn’t), but I didn’t realize how much time it consumed. Read the rest of this entry »