Recipe #40 – Thai soup with prawns


Recipe #40 - Thai soup with prawns

Well guys, another milestone, recipe #40, which marks being two thirds of the way through this culinary challenge, 20 more to go and despite being without a kitchen I’m making good time!

The base of this dish is a fish stock, now as naive as it may sound I didn’t realize such a thing existed. I guess it would stand to reason it should, it just wasn’t on my periphery as I tend to have my fish grilled or baked, not stewed (though I do have a fish stew coming up).

It boasted a selection of fragrant and spicy herbs, ginger, garlic, red chilli and the ubiquitous Thai perennial, lemongrass, a personal favourite of mine.

I also threw in some spring onions I purchased from Mildred over in her Ariston allotment garden, which went down a real treat as there is nothing quite like pulling your food out of the ground and seeing it go straight onto your plate.

Again, much like most of these Asian dishes it was 20 minute worthy, requiring very little effort to produce a very tasty dish, highly recommended.

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