Recipe # 28 – Leek and potato soup with taleggio


Recipe # 28 – Leek and potato soup with taleggio

We decided to put Checkers to the test, as they claim to stock over 400 different cheeses. We daringly called up Jacqueline, their cheese buyer who informed us they did!

This particular brand is locally produced in Groot Drakenstein, just outside Franschhoek, by the Rhodes Food Group, under their ‘Portobello’ range and is described as ‘buttery, delicate semi-soft & subtly sweet with a rough crust, made from cows milk, an excellent table cheese’.

It is a great Italian cheese that has a feel and texture reminiscent of brie, though more pungent in smell, yet milder in taste.

The soup itself is easy to make, of course by now you know my stock, or rather fond of choice is NOMU’s Vegetable Fond which I mixed up with onion, leeks, celery, potatoes and thyme (gosh, what would life be without thyme?), a dash of crème fraiche and of course our taleggio.

It was served up with grilled ciabatta slices, which I hand massaged garlic oil into, from the clove, talk about dedication to the task!

Overall, easy to prepare, easier to eat and gets the ’20 minute meal’ proverbial thumbs up.

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