Yeah! I’m a Yuppie(chef)


Yeah! I'm a Yuppie(chef)

Christmas came early today when the Berco Express man arrived this morning.

He wasn’t dressed in red and white, he was donning a semi-casual dress code and was beardless, but he was courteous and polite, and no, I didn’t offer him milk or cookies!

Inside the manila box was a world of treats and new experiences from the fine folks at Yuppiechef, South Africa’s premier on-line kitchen tools supplier.

Just visiting their site is an experience in and of itself and I have a ‘wishlist’ longer than all the child inhabitants of a remote pacific rim island, where to start…

Since I consider myself a reasonable man and am not loaded (though if anyone has cash or product to throw my way, I won’t say no) I needed to pace myself and decided to order a few goodies that I think are must haves to cook my way through all the recipes.

This months selection is small but practical. You may have noticed that I tend to harp on about not having a few key tools/utensils, namely a good knife, tongs and a griddle pan… 10 guesses as to what I bought…

First up, my I.O.Shen 21cm Chef’s Knife. A Chef or Cook’s knife is the lifeblood of food preparation and just makes cooking a much more pleasurable experience. I.O.Shen is currently the fastest growing brand of precision knives in the U.K and holding the knife I can feel why, it has great balance and is razor sharp, true Japanese engineering… now to work on those chopping skills, while keeping all my fingers intact.

Tongs, yip, simple, but effective. I’m tired of cursing while burning my appendages. Now I can safely turn food over without screaming like a girl as I run towards the cold water tap. I went with these practical 24cm Cuisipro Silicone Tongs in orange, one of my favourite colours (take note, there will be a test).

Lastly I joined the world of Le Creuset, the ultimate in cast iron cookware. I bought this 26cm Square Skillet Grill in original ‘Flame’ and yes, I accessorized the tongs to match my skillet… hey, I’m entitled to my Cook Couture!

Thanks to Marina and the guys from Yuppiechef for making my first (and certainly not the last!) experience both pleasurable and memorable.

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“Yeah! I’m a Yuppie(chef)”

  1. Avatar September 15th, 2010 at 7:09 AM Wayne Says:

    I like the part about “screaming like a girl”. Now you just have watch those finger tips:-)

  2. Avatar September 15th, 2010 at 9:14 AM Jeanette Says:

    Ooh nice, I love Yuppiechef!! That knife looks awesome

  3. Avatar September 15th, 2010 at 9:29 AM Marina Says:

    Go for it Matt, enjoying the 20 minute meal journey (and of course it helps to have some hot tools).

  4. Avatar September 15th, 2010 at 9:35 AM Matt Allison Says:

    @ Wayne, have you heard me scream? Calling me a girl would be putting it lightly (no offense ladies, it is more in reference to my high pitched excuse of a squeal!).

    @Jeanette it IS awesome, the downside is now wanting to add more to the collection, a pairing knife perhaps… HMMM.

    @Marina, you guys, in particularly you, are stars! I meant every word, great support, service and advice.

  5. Avatar July 24th, 2011 at 10:50 PM A night out with Le Creuset | I'm no Jamie Oliver Says:

    […] Long time followers of the blog will know that I’m a fan of Le Creuset, I call it ‘generational cookware’, it’s pricey, but built to a standard that far surpasses most conventional brands. As I shared in ‘a few of my favourite things’ post I’m still using my hand me down 1957 Le Creuset casserole dish, which says something about their quality. I’ve since bought several other items including my favourite, the 26cm Square Skillet. […]

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