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Recipe #35 & #36 – My favourite prawn linguini & Banoffee banana split


My favourite prawn linguini

Well as you may of guessed, I’m kitchen-less, well at least for the next few weeks. I saw this coming so stock piled a few dishes ahead of the demolition, firstly to keep me on target, secondly to provide you with anecdotal subject matter. Read the rest of this entry »

Recipe # 30 – Tuna and tomato rigatoni


Recipe # 30 – Tuna and tomato rigatoni

I’ve hit the next milestone in my culinary challenge, I’ve completed recipe #30, thus I’m officially half way through cooking each one of Jamie’s ’20 minute meals’ for the iPhone in almost as many days. Read the rest of this entry »

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Recipe #12 & #13 – Gorgeous greek salad & Rigatoni arrabiatta


Gorgeous greek salad

Well, we switched our Meat-Free Day to today to accommodate our guests, good friends Natalie Wassung & her fiancé Marek Mayer.

Natalie is a fellow ‘greenie’, though in her case it is a vocation as much as a passion, having just completing her masters in sustainable development. She is also a vegetarian, hence the the change from Meat-Free Tuesday to Meat-Free Monday (confused yet?). Read the rest of this entry »

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