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Recipe #35 & #36 – My favourite prawn linguini & Banoffee banana split


My favourite prawn linguini

Well as you may of guessed, I’m kitchen-less, well at least for the next few weeks. I saw this coming so stock piled a few dishes ahead of the demolition, firstly to keep me on target, secondly to provide you with anecdotal subject matter. Read the rest of this entry »

Recipe # 23 & #24 – Szechuan stir-fry with jasmine rice & Eaton mess with toasted almonds


Szechuan stir-fry with jasmine rice

This meal was probably the spiciest meal I have cooked since I starting this challenge, not necessarily hot, just spicy, largely due to the peppercorns. Read the rest of this entry »

Recipes #5 & #6 – Lamb chops with herby lentils and dressed greens & Sweet pineapple and mint


Since I have to prepare a few dessert dishes I thought I’d tackle both a mains and dessert dish tonight.

I popped into Pick ‘n Pay this afternoon and picked up the ingredients for both dishes, the most perplexing part was working out what cut of lamb to go with as honestly lamb has never been my favourite meat, I’m not sure why, it just isn’t something I gravitated towards.

I found myself unprepared for the feast of cuts that lay in store and ended up settling with lamb loin chops, quite honestly because they looked the closest to the cuts in the photo of the prepared meal in the application… Read the rest of this entry »

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