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Recipe #12 & #13 – Gorgeous greek salad & Rigatoni arrabiatta


Gorgeous greek salad

Well, we switched our Meat-Free Day to today to accommodate our guests, good friends Natalie Wassung & her fiancé Marek Mayer.

Natalie is a fellow ‘greenie’, though in her case it is a vocation as much as a passion, having just completing her masters in sustainable development. She is also a vegetarian, hence the the change from Meat-Free Tuesday to Meat-Free Monday (confused yet?). Read the rest of this entry »

Recipe #8 – Farfalle Genovese


Recipe #8 - Farfalle Genovese

A quick and easy dinner, certainly 20 minute worthy!

I’m loving learning more about ingredients as much as the cooking/preparation itself and I had no idea what farfalle were. Google to the rescue again… basically for the uniformed (myself included!) it is a ‘bow-tie’ style pasta, the name in Italian I believe translates into ‘butterfly’, more specifically the female of the species. Read the rest of this entry »

Let’s start at the beginning shall we…


The Allison's

If you are reading this I’ve successfully launched this BLOG and the worlds super computers didn’t explode while doing so (check one for certain death avoided!).

The WHAT is pretty clear (just read the sidebar), the WHY to most might be obtuse.

I’m a Husband and recently became a first time Father and it took my sons arrival to give me a much needed ‘wake up’ call.

I used to clock in 12-16 hours days for WEEKS on end in my role as producer/engineer (it sounds glamorous, it really isn’t), but I didn’t realize how much time it consumed. Read the rest of this entry »

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