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Ariston allotment springs to life


Ariston allotment springs to life

I mentioned in this previous post that I’d taken an allotment over at the Ariston Elemental Organic Garden and this week, with the help of Tony, I got stuck in, literally. Read the rest of this entry »

Bringing on the waterworks


Next up was a task that I really hope not repeat anytime soon, the waterworks…

This building task was by far the BIGGEST time waster in the whole renovation experience. I was let down by not one, but 2 tilers, both confirmed they were starting work and didn’t pitch!

The first said he dropped his cell phone in the pool, loosing my number. The 2nd, 30 minutes before he was due on site told me that his hands were too swollen and he couldn’t work… this set us back 3 weeks and is one of the pit falls of being your own project manager. Read the rest of this entry »

Sand, sealed, delivered


Sanding the newly laid flooring

Once the floors were relaid we then needed to have them sanded and sealed… as simple as this sound it took alot of research and investigation on our part!

It is fairly typical in South Africa, and in other places around the world to use a solvent based polyurethane to seal wooden floors/decking, though it is tried and tested, it isn’t environmentally safe and is highly toxic. Read the rest of this entry »

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